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Public Relation

To keep a close link with the stakeholders and customer is mandatory not only to retain their confidence but also to keep them updated with the latest trends and techniques and the range of products being offered. To develop relations with other organizations competitors and suppliers is one of the competitive edges the company has. We hire and train such experts as assistants who can help you networking with stakeholders. These professionals can not only be a source of networking but would be your brand ambassadors who would help you making your brand image.

How does it work?

We hire and train a public relation virtual assistant VA for you as per your requirement which would be representing you, your company and your brand at various places. The person would be versed with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and would be there to help you building your brand image. This VA would be working under your supervision and under your guidance so that you can directly communicate and work along with it.

How much would it cost?

An intermediate level virtual assistant (VA) will cost you $700 to $800 USD / month depending on the qualifications, experinces and skills sets of the person. The designer will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, that is $4 per hour for your cost. This price includes all other costs and management fees.

How can I get a virtual assistant?

You may call +923 21436 3042 (Pakistan) ‪+965 9922 1476 (Kuwait City) +44 7438 363999 (London UK)  or drop an email at gcctechnogram@gmail.com. You may also fill the form using our Contact Us section. We will contact you within 24 hours.

What a public relation assistant does?

Here is the list of tasks being performed by our PR personal.

Develop LinkagesOne of the responsibilities of the PR personal would be to develop relations with the internal and the external customers, with the stakeholders and also with the competitors so that they can remain well informed in the industry and be active participants in their community.Soft MarketingOnce the activities have been executed he would collect the required data and forward it you in the format you have specified.Other ActivitiesPR has proven to be a good source of marketing and a good tool for your brand promotion. This helps you keep a very close contact the customers and other agencies, so that you can keep urself updated and remain well informed with the latest happening and advancements of the industry.

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