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Our team currently numbers over 500 software development and QA engineers and is constantly growing. We employ a well-established process for human resources management which enables us to build and scale up teams easily and effectively. Further explore our team experience and expertise.


Our recruitment process follows a streamlined approach consisting of the following phases:

  • CV selection
  • Technical exam (OPP, databases, English skills, personality profile)
  • Technical interview with the project manager or team lead
  • Final interview
  • 3 months trial period



The academic experience is highly appreciated in our company. All our technical people have background in Computer Science, some of them having earned post university degrees:

  • 50% have Master’s degrees in Computer Science
  • 10% have graduated or are currently undergoing a PhD



The knowledge acquisition process for a new team member starts early in the on-boarding phase. Alongside becoming familiar with the organization, processes and confidentiality standards, a new colleague benefits of on the job training for specific tools and technologies.

Our continuous training program includes both internally and externally delivered courses, addressing both technical and soft skills. A series of certification programs are in place for software development technologies, quality assurance and IT support.



We employ a unified and centralized system for knowledge sharing, coaching, training and internal communication, built on the Atlassian collaboration tools. A technical knowledge base is in place and constantly extended through members’ contributions.

Informal learning sessions and presentations are a common practice within project teams and cross projects. Additionally, an internal network of coaches activates as knowledge transfer catalyzer throughout the organization.



The individual performance management system we employ includes:

  • Trial period (3 months) appraisal
  • Yearly appraisals (360 degrees, self-appraisal, top-down appraisal, bottom-up appraisal)
  • Continuous project performance measurement, client feedback being an essential KPI



Bonding of our teams is facilitated through a variety of activities such as:

  • Team buildings organized outside the office
  • Company events (parties, anniversaries, reuniouns and so on)
  • Various sports activities and competitions, as well as informal ‘going out’ events

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