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Data Analysis

Data once collected and arranged is of no use until and unless it is used for analysis. We can hire train and manage resource for you who can not only input or organize data but would derive critical analysis and results from it. By using various tools such as forecasting analysis, regression, correlation etc the analyst would come up with various results which would be beneficial for your review, analysis, planning and decision making.

How does it work?

We hire, manage and train a data analyst as a virtual assistant (VA) for you, according to your requirements. We train VA to have deep knowledge of your company, system and methods so that utilizing his expertise he can devise, implement and run a system in a way that best suits your business.

How much would it cost?

An intermediate level manual data analyst will cost you $650 to $750 USD / month depending on the qualifications, experinces and skills sets of the person. The analyst will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, that is $4 per hour for your cost. This price includes all other costs and management fees.

How can I get a Virtual Assistant?

You may call +923 21436 3042 (Pakistan) ‪+965 9922 1476 (Kuwait City) +44 7438 363999 (London UK)  or drop an email at gcctechnogram@gmail.com. You may also fill the form using our Contact Us section. We will contact you within 24 hours.

What a data analyst can do?

Here is the list of tasks being performed by our data analyst.

Data Entry
The basic responsibility of a data entry VA would be to tabulate the raw data in the required format prescribed by your correspondent. If required he can encrypt and decrypt the data as per requirement before entry
Data Analysis
The DA would apply the basic tools and techniques to derive certain kinds of analysis on it such as graphs, tables, charts and other basic users.

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