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Our software development process is focused on integrating nearshore software development services seamlessly with the customer’s workflow in order to deliver high quality software within deadlines. We have experienced IT specialists (for project management, software development and quality assurance) with strong technical, business and communication skills.

Effective Processes

We have developed and continuously calibrate our internal processes, both organizational and technical. These processes are supported by several tools, are inspired from the CMMI guidelines and are compliant with the ISO standards.


Our collaboration models are flexible and tailored to the needs of each client. Most importantly, we are versatile enough to seamlessly integrate them in the clients’ own workflows.

Costs Optimization

One of the most important nearshoring benefits is the consistent costs reduction for our clients, while maintaining availability of resources and quality of outcomes.

Confidentiality & IP protection

Each client relation is framed by a confidentiality agreement, which assures that no disclosure of information covered by the agreement takes place. We also employ non-disclosure agreements with our employees and make constant investments in infrastructure and security.

Transparent Workflow and Communication

We offer complete transparency regarding project status, assignments and outcomes and we provide a clear framework of responsibility and accountability. We do this through proper planning, reporting and continuous communication.

Also, we are fluent in English, which makes project communication a seamless process. For German speaking clients, our translations team makes sure that all project requirements and documentation are properly understood by the technical teams.

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